Questions & Answers:

Q.  Why donít you work weekends?

A.   We work with an extremely fast paced production schedule.  If our employees get all of the weekís work accomplished by noon on Friday, we feel they have more than earned the time off.

Q.  Why do you have a wait list?

A.   Roy loves to help people and does not want to turn anyone away.  He and our other welders will do their best to ensure your job is completed as soon as possible.

Q.  Why canít you give me a specific date my project will be started or completed?

A.   Due to our constantly revolving construction schedule, weather delays, and our repair calls (for example, broken equipment that must be repaired right away), it is truly impossible to estimate.  We want to complete your project and move it off of the schedule as quickly as possible.

Q.  I have a final on my house coming up; how can I be certain my job will be done in time?

A.   We schedule ALL of our jobs around both our contract work and our contractorís deadlines.  We do ask for 2 weeksí notice for gate orders, but if you have a final date or just a special event planned that you need the project completed for, let us know when you place the order and we will make every effort to schedule around that.

Q.  Why donít you have an answering machine?

A.   In the past, we have had some difficulties with messages being inadvertently erased, etc., so Roy prefers not to have one.  You are VERY important to us, so please call during business hours or send an e-mail and we will be happy to get back with you.  (If you do call during business hours, and donít get a response, we probably canít hear the phone due to the noise of our equipment, so please try again, or send an e-mail.)

Q.  Why donít you do trailer hitches anymore?

A.   Due to insurance purposes, we felt it necessary to stop working on automobiles.  (The only exception to this is that we do carry a fleet policy, which does cover customers such as Union Pacific and US Forest Service.)

Roy's Welding
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